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Version 1.0

Last Updated July 21, 2023 View the changelog

Big updates: We rewrote the filtration and dispensing steps of the guide to create stronger conditions for sterility. A final section to the guide was also added with tips to safely run your business. A recipe calculator was added. View the changelog to see what else is new.

Hiya! Welcome to HRT Cat. This is a website where you can review information on how to make injectable HRT for sale, for mutual aid, or just for yourself. It’s also a launching point for so many other types of necessary information about DIY HRT. It seems like every day the world becomes a scarier place for trans people. This website is dedicated to taking hormone therapy into our own hands when bigoted governments and institutions stand in our way. This website is open source, please feel free to become a contributor or to make a donation.

HRT Cat is in active development and should be a considered a living document. Data here is subject to mistakes and changes. We cite our sources so that you can double-check our work.

Homebrewing HRT in the safest ways possible

Welcome the HRT Cat! This is a guide for homebrewing injectable estradiol and testosterone for yourself, for mutual aid, or for grey market resale. HRT Cat is open source and ready for contributions. We do not sell HRT, this guide is solely for the purposes of harm reduction in the trans community.

There is a lot of misinformation in the DIY injectables online community. This guide was thoroughly researched using a variety of scientific resources that are all cited throughout the guide. we have rigorously researched many commonplace claims about how to brew, and have either validated or refuted those claims.

We have done a deep dive into sterilization best practices when dealing with compounding what is called high-risk* preparations. Many of those practices cannot be completed in a home lab, but of the ones that are manageable we have written about them in the context of homebrewing. We hope that we can bring safe and necessary lab practices to people who are resorting to homebrewing, no matter the reason.

As far as we see it, given the state of the world, people in this community will be more and more forced into making their own hormones. And while there are options available for purchasing HRT online without a prescription, some people will opt to homebrew.

Homebrewed vials will never be as safe as what can be achieved with proper training and tools. Homebrew vials should be a last resort. Consider making topicals. We provide this information because we believe homebrew is better than what happens when trans people are not given access to hormones.

Where to start?

If you’re ready to dive right in, take a look at the first guide, Getting Started.

If you have a specific question, you might try looking at the documented topics to see if there’s any info you’re looking for.

Otherwise, explore the links in the sidebar. We put things there.


*starting with non-sterile ingredients and creating a sterile product, like what we’re doing.