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HRT Cat Network

Updated July 19, 2023

HRT Cat is a collection of guides and articles all on the subject of how to safely compound sterile HRT injectables at home. HRT Cat is about 25,000 words in length, similar in size to a master’s thesis. It is the most indepth research that we’re aware of on the english speaking internet on how to make DIY hormones.

Anyone who uses our methodology for making their DIY vials is welcome to link to this page in order to explain to their customers what standards they use for their homebrew operation.

While using homebrewed hormones will never be as safe as hormones you can get from a pharmacy, we believe that any injectables produced using the methodologies listed on this website will be significantly safer than 95% of other hormones available on the black/grey markets.

Check out the many links in the sidebar for more info.