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U.S. Compounding Standards

  • USP 797 - If this is taken down you can just search “USP 797 pdf” and you should be able to find it. A revised version is slated to be published in Nov 2023.
  • Compounding Sterile Preparations - by E. Clyde Buchanan. This book is very expensive, you can find a PDF on libgen and maybe sci-hub.

Substance Testing

These resources are not endorsed, merely linked


We do not endorse these guides. They are linked here for your edification. For critical analysis of other injectable guides see Were My Vials Properly Sterilized?

  • Vials/Transdermal/Pills: HRT Homebrew - [backup] - We haven’t fully vetted these instructions, but considering this is the highest quality instructions for homebrewing HRT that we’ve seen, there may be merit to other information in here.
  • Homebrewing testosterone (r/steroids wiki) - r/steroids has almost 200k members on Reddit. They take their info seriously. We have not fully reviewed this info, but this will be a good source for info specific to brewing testosterone. There is an extremely significant overlap between brewing E and T, and this is likely a good resource.
  • How to make estradiol stickies - if you have limited resources and need to make your estradiol tablets last, this may be worth looking into. - backup
  • Reddit Instructions - We haven’t evaluated this guide, likely has issues.
  • Homebrewing Estrogel (Reddit) - A good resource for how to make your own estrogel, and can be adapted to make T gel. If you’re not confident about your safety and sterilization practices with making vials, making topicals is MUCH safer and can be as easy as mixing beta-estradiol/testosterone base, orange essential oil, and hand sanitizer in the right proportions.
  • Boobs Not Bombs Bulk Estrogel Guide - Very detailed guide on how to pool $2000 with some friends in order to make very large volumes of estrogel for your community. The information in this guide can be scaled down.



See How to Order HRT


  • Four Thieves Vinegar Collective - Information about building medical devices and using hacks to take medical care into our own hands. MicroLab, ER Suite, Abortion Care, Tooth Seal.
  • GALAP: Gender Affirming Letter Access Project - Connect with medical professionals in the US that will get you “informed consent” letters, looks like mostly for free.
  • Sci-Hub: you can find many academic papers here without paywalls.

Tech Resources

Wow it’d be great if this project was untraceable back to the creators. Here’s what we’ll be using for that.

  • Njalla Domain Registry - based in the Caribbean and notorious for privacy practices.
  • Monero - the standard for private crypto transactions.
  • Protonmail - for needing a reliable yet privacy-minded email service. This won’t be on our phones.
  • PGP encryption for as much communication as possible
  • Signal when chatting with friends about this
  • Tails - We’re using the Tails operating system on burner laptops paid for in cash.
  • ProtonVPN - when we’re not on tails we will be on ProtonVPN
  • Mozilla Firefox - Chrome is spying on you and Brave is run by a bigot.