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We hope it is evident that we have invested hundreds and hundreds of hours into this project (as well as over $1,000) with no desire for monetary gain. We do not run a business selling HRT, and we give all of this info free of charge to homebrew HRT sellers.

Our ask is that if you are an HRT seller, and you have relied on the info on this website, that you make a donation that accurately reflects the value that it provides to your business.

All donated funds will be shared amongst the follow avenues:

  • Investing in research with higher quality equipment to produce safely at a larger scale (laminar flow hood, bottle top filters)
  • Basic HRT experimentation
  • HRT mutual aid, so we may provide access to hormones for folks in our community or help connect people with folks who do.
  • Web hosting and security
  • Kickbacks to the generous people who let us use their physical space for HRT projects.

HRT Cat is a passion project. We do this because we are trans, and because we care about our community.

At this time we only accept Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency, as it is the safest and most anonymous option available for sending money on the web.

Monero XMR Address: