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Mix Solution

Updated July 21, 2023

We do not use a magnetic stirrer but that is an option instead of using a glass rod. Would be useful if making large batches.


Choose a recipe to brew, there are many options listed here.

You can also try out our new recipe calculator here! This calculator is in beta, so please use it with caution.


Doing this all inside your still air box or laminar flow hood. Using proper sanitization techniques.

Measure out all the ingredients into a depyrogenated beaker or media bottle. They do not need to be added in any specific order. Mix them up with a glass stirring rod until the hormone powder is fully dissolved. If you are having trouble getting the powder into solution it is possible that you did not use enough benzyl benzoate.

If using heat

Heat is not required to get your hormone powder to dissolve, especially when you’re using benzyl benzoate in your mixture. However, the use of heat may accelerate the process of dissolving it, especially when making very high concentrations or leaving out BB. Without BB you risk it falling out of solution later with temperature fluctuations.

When we assemble our cleanroom we fill a large thermos with boiling water, so we don’t have to boil water in the clean room. We then take a large bowl, pour some boiling water into it, and then submerge the beaker into the water while stirring. It massively speeds up the dissolving process.

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