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Where to Order HRT

Updated June 15, 2023

The below resources have ready-made HRT and raw powders

  • (MtF/FtM?) - has links to many different websites that will ship you all sorts of transition-related drugs. They are raising money to consult a lawyer about listing testosterone providers. Some of the shops they list do also sell T, but HRT Cafe won’t tell you which ones. Topicals, pills, patches, and injectables. We recommend staying away from homebrewers who are listed here, aside from Vanna.
  • (FtM) - is a forum for bodybuilders who use testosterone for building muscle mass. Testosterone Cypionate and Testosterone Enanthate are the same whether used for bodybuilding or transition. You can read reviews on this site and decide where to purchase from. Likely injectables only, not trans-friendly.
  • (MtF/FtM) - has raw powders for both estradiol and testosterone and some ready-made vials. They have many good reviews online, though many complaints about shipping issues. While there are other sources for raw estradiol powders, this is the only site we’ve identified with consistent access to testosterone powders.
  • (MtF/FtM) - is owned by the same folks as Dragon Ordnance and may have similar shipping issues. They have ready-to-consume HRT for both trans mascs and trans femmes. Pills, topicals, injections.
  • (MtF/FtM?) - is where many DIY producers get their raw hormone powders to produce both injectables and topicals. There are some reports indicating that most sellers on here are reliable and selling you the real thing (why scamming hormone powders doesn’t make sense). That said, you can use r/TransDIY to search for vendors that other people have had good experiences with. In order to find the substance you’re looking for, first identify the CAS number of the substance. Then search for just the CAS number on the website. We were able to find T doing this, though we didn’t order it.
  • (MtF?/FtM?) -, some people claim luck with this, but we haven’t looked much into it.
  • If you’re technically inclined, you can get on the dark web and probably find some raws on a marketplace, especially T. That is outside the scope of this guide, for now. has links to the various operating marketplaces. Make sure you check the PGP signatures of marketplaces against multiple sources before sending your money there, use tails os, and try to stick to the Monero cryptocurrency if you can.