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Version 1.0

July 21, 2023

Bumping up a major version due to the large changes introduced to the brew guide.

  • Rewrote all of step 6, and pushed some of it’s content into a new step 8. Instead of filtering into the final vials, filter into a 100mL vial and then dispense from there. New illustration inspired by Tyger.
  • Added step 10 with security practices for running a business
  • Updated logo! We actually liked the cat girl logo a bit more lol, but we stole that artwork.
  • Created a changelog. hiiiiii.
  • Added info about “Manufactured by Tyger” to the sterilization method reviews.
  • Added a recommendation to read Tyger’s medium guide to step 1 of our injectables guide.
  • Added instructions how to make DIY topical lidocaine
  • Created a “recipe calculator” IN BETA to help brewers get the correct ratios of ingredients.
  • Added version, last updated date, and link to changelog on the home page.
  • Added an XMR donation address finally. Also put a stronger plea on this page as well as changed the permalink.
  • Added more ingredient densities to the recipe page, and corrected some formatting.
  • Added more melting points on the hormone testing page, and also improved some descriptions on there.
  • Added notice that we don’t check our email very often.
  • Clarified instructions on step 5, how to use heat to aid mixing the ingredients together.
  • Added warning to not make DIY laminar flow hoods.
  • Added a couple illustrations. Big thank you to anonymous for creating those for us. Such a beautiful name!
  • Updating lots of permalinks. Didn’t realize we could set those so easily in jekyll! fancy.
  • installed jekyll-redirect-from plugin to help preserve old links