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Bulk Filtration

Considering syringe filters can filter at most 250mL of your preparation (for 33mm filters) before you need to swap to a new syringe filter, this can be a very inefficient process if you’re brewing bulk. You can use a vacuum pump and a bottle filter in order to have a more efficient version of the syringe filter. This is a common methodology used in the bodybuilding community when making large numbers of vials, as well as in just regular compounding labs. If you are producing in bulk, either for mutual aid or for sale, you may want to invest in this equipment.

We don’t have more info to share on this at the moment as it’s not something we’ve researched or that we are planning to use in the near future. If we wanted to learn more about this we would probably start by reading the wiki page on r/steroids here.

We do not have a guide on how to conduct a bubble point test on bottle top filters. This is a method of verifying that a filter maintained integrity during use, which we consider very important. You will need to research this yourself.