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We have no firm opinions on the recipes listed below except that we would be hesitant of any concentration of any hormone ester that would make your vial last more than a couple months.††.

Recipe Calculator

There is now a recipe calculator that will help you figure out the ratios you need to mix. Check it out here.

Ingredient Density

Ingredient Density
Estradiol Enanthate 1.1±0.1 g/mL1
Estradiol Cypionate 1.083 (rough estimate) g/mL2
Estradiol Valerate 1.102 (rough estimate) g/mL3
Estradiol Undecylate 1.07 g/mL 4
Testosterone Cypionate 1.1±0.1 g/mL5*
Testosterone Enanthate 1.056 (rough estimate) g/mL6
Testosterone Undecanoate 1.03±0.1 g/mL 7
Benzyl Benzoate 1.118 g/mL8
Benzyl Alcohol 1.044 g/mL9
C8 Acid* 0.910 g/mL10
C10 Acid* 0.893 g/mL11
Castor Oil 0.96 g/mL12

Use this chart to help you convert the below recipes from how they’re listed into usable volumetric measurements.

*Part of MCT oil. A good pharmaceutical grade MCT oil will list the percentage each of C8 and C10

Recipes used by drug manufacturers

These recipes are listed to help us understand how these drugs are formulated at the highest levels of the pharmaceutical industry. Surprise! It’s basically done the same way that homebrewers do it.

Some recipes list ingredients in different units of measurement. Look out for mg vs mL and use the above table to convert

Estradiol Valerate

By Par Pharmaceutical,13 10mg/mL:

  • E V: 10mg
  • Chlorobutanol†]: 5mg
  • Sesame oil: 915mg

By Par Pharmaceutical,13 20mg/mL:

  • E V: 20mg (2%)
  • Benzyl benzoate: 224mg (23%) (0.2mL)
  • Benzyl alcohol: 20mg (2%)
  • Castor oil: 730mg (73%)

By Par Pharmaceutical,13 40mg/mL:

  • E V: 40mg (4%)
  • Benzyl benzoate: 447mg (43%) (0.4mL)
  • Benzyl alcohol: 20mg (2%) (0.02mL)
  • Castor oil: 522mg (51%) (0.54mL)

Estradiol Cypionate

By Pfizer,14 5mg/mL:

  • E C: 5mg
  • Chlorobutanol anhydrous: 5.4mg
  • Cottonseed oil: 913mg

Testosterone Cypionate

By Xiromed,15 100mg/mL:

  • Test C: 100mg
  • Benzyl Benzoate: 0.1mL
  • Cottonseed oil: 732.79mg
  • Benzyl alcohol: 9.45mg

By Xiromed,15 200mg/mL: 1mL = 989.29g

  • Test C: 200mg (20%)
  • Benzyl Benzoate: 0.2mL (223.6mg) (23%)
  • Cottonseed oil: 556.24mg (56%)
  • Benzyl alcohol: 9.45mg (1%)

By Slayback Pharma,16 200mg/mL:

  • Benzyl Benzoate: 0.2mL
  • Benzyl Alcohol: 20mg
  • Cottonseed oil: 542mg

Testosterone Enanthate

By Hikma Pharmaceuticals,17 200mg/mL:

  • Test E: 200mg
  • Chlorobutanol: 5mg
  • USP sesame oil base

Recipes by homebrewers

Estradiol Enanthate

By Lena,18 50mg/mL††:

  • E En: 500mg
  • Benzyl alcohol: 0.2mL
  • MCT oil: 9.35mL

By Noire Labs,19 40mg/mL, 10mL††:

  • E En: 400mg
  • Benzyl alcohol: 0.2mL (2%)
  • Benzyl benzoate: 4mL (40%)
  • MCT oil: 5.4mL (54%)

Estradiol Undecylate

By Lena,18 60mg/mL††:

  • E En: 600mg
  • Benzyl alcohol: 0.2mL
  • MCT oil: 9.25mL

Estradiol Cypionate

By Anon,20 20mg/mL: Makes 50mL. (Clearly makes slightly more than 50mL but the percentages are close enough)

  • E C: 1,000mg
  • Benzyl benzoate: 12.5mL (25%)
  • Benzyl alcohol: 1.0mL (2%)
  • MCT oil: 36.5mL (73%)

Testosterone Cypionate

By r/steroids,21 200mg/mL: Makes 100mL

  • Test C: 20.4g
  • Benzyl alcohol: 1.56g
  • Benzyl benzoate: 20.7g
  • MCT oil: 57.4g

Lots more T recipes on the r/steroids wiki


Chlorobutanol is a preservative, and as far as we can tell does not act as a solvent. We will use benzyl alcohol instead of this primarily because it is much more readily available, and that’s what all the other homebrewers do. If you decide to brew with this stuff make sure you check through all the MSDS to ensure its safe to be handling outside a lab.

††While it’s cool to have a single vial last you for a year, as soon as you start puncturing a vial you should aim to use it within a couple of months. When you use it over and over again you risk introducing harmful bacteria to the vial, and then giving it time to grow.