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Creating a Work Area

Creating a clean area where you can minimize the flow of dust particles and bacteria is essential to creating a clean product.

  1. Find an area where you can build a small clean room by hanging the plastic sheeting to create makeshift walls. There should be no carpet and nothing in this area that can hold on to dust and bacteria. Ideally in this area there’s nothing but the bare floor and the table.
  2. Hang the plastic sheeting. The clean room does not need to be airtight, which would be near impossible to achieve at home, but the closest you can get to that the better. If you have a HEPA air filter then there needs to be an opening for it to blow into the clean room, and a second opening to act as a doorway.
  3. You need a HEPA air purifier blowing air into the clean room, the in-take for the air purifier should be coming from outside the clean room, so as to create a pressurized environment1 inside of the clean room.
  4. The table in your clean room needs to be able to be sanitized, wood is not a good candidate for this, you can lay plastic sheeting down on your table in order to create a work surface that can be sanitized if you don’t have another option.
  5. Clean the clean room. Everything in here should be free of dust dirt grime, and sanitized. Keep the HEPA purifier running.

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  1. Compounding Sterile Preparations, what page?